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Hardware Recycling

Recycle your IT hardware properly and safely
with maximum security and minimum environmental impact

To Recycle or Resell?

Part of the Finite ITAD service is to identify any hardware and assets that can be re-purposed, and potentially even resold.

There are many industries who can benefit from recycled hardware and the trade market for recycled IT is ever growing as a result of more robust machinery and easy-to-update technologies. If reselling is important to you and you would like this to form part of your IT Asset Disposal process, please talk with our team today who can advise on all options.

Finite IT can manage the resell process from end to end which not only provides the optimum solution to recycling but also returns revenue to your business.

Hardware recycling

Finite IT provide a comprehensive recycling service for all disposed IT hardware and assets.

Our dedicated team of recycling operatives will ensure that every possible-to-recycle element of your hardware is properly assessed and processed.

There are many elements of hardware that are recyclable from the plastics used in the casings and fixings to the precious metals incorporated on to motherboards. Our team of experts operate from bonded warehouses and have the capability to ensure that recycling is optimised.

Hard disk shredding is sometimes an identified option for IT Asset Disposal and even this process provides opportunity for recycling and re-purposing. It’s important to recycle and when IT hardware can be properly cleaned, sanitised and refurbished then it provides an opportunity to resell or charitably donate equipment to good causes. The Finite ITAD team will advise on the appropriate method of recycling, providing all credible options for recycling and re-purposing your assets.

What is the environmental impact of IT hardware?

The environmental impact of IT hardware and assets starts at the very beginning of the life cycle. Precious metals are mined alongside several other fundamental processes – all of which are directly impacting the environment.

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