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5G Router – The fifth generation technology for cellular networks

Complete Flexibility with no contracts, no phone line, guaranteed signal even in the remotest locations – perfect for pop up shops, exhibitions, festivals and much more.

4G was good, 5G will be amazing!

For more information view our 5G guidebook

Significant performance improvement over 4G

Improved download and upload speeds, The use of 5G cells for both signalling and information transfer provides greater network efficiency and performance.

We thought 4G was fast… 5G will be faster!

Finite IT are proud to be working in partnership with Cradlepoint, excited to launch their 5G technology in the UK.

Their 5G technology already powers Online shopping lockers worldwide, and is currently used in many emergency service vehicles throughout the UK.

Spectrum bands of 5G

There are 3 spectrum bands in 5G that businesses will come to understand 4G LTE (including Gigabit-Class LTE), Sub-6 GHz, and mmWave

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Spectrum bands of 5G

Cradlepoint 5g Range