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Choose an accredited IT asset disposal partner. Finite IT are an accredited IT asset disposal provider that ensures compliance at every stage of the life cycle.

Data protection is regulated by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and therefore any management and handling of data is a regulated process.

Finite IT are fully certified to carry out IT Asset Disposal and have invested in all areas of the business to ensure that we’re a gold standard operator within the ITAD industry. The only way of completely protecting your business is to outsource your IT Asset Disposal to a trusted and certified partner.

Any certified IT Asset Disposal business will ensure that you comply with all legal requirements and will provide you with a full and transparent audit trail of your disposed assets which can be kept on record for future reference and should be asked to provide evidence of data management best practice and correct asset disposal.

Fully Audited Service

Finite IT have implemented a fully audited process that includes:

  • Official certification
  • Fully-trained and DBS checked operators
  • Owned, bonded warehouse
  • GPS-tracked vehicle fleet for secure logistics
  • Recycling
  • Waste management
  • Reselling
  • Support Services

Accredited partner

Finite IT are accredited with ADISA – the UK’s industry leading certification partner.

Accredited IT Asset Disposal partners can ensure best practice and total compliance.

Please contact our dedicated F-ITAD team who are on-hand to offer help and assistance.

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