Here’s some points to consider when looking into the benefits of a hardware maintenance contract for your business:

  • Decreased Downtime
    Whilst it is important to ensure you take time to care for your systems and check them regularly, when the inevitable does happen, rather than an unknown, unscheduled amount of downtime, a hardware maintenance package will allow a knowledgeable engineer to attend to site and restore/ replace faulty components and have your system back up and running within a set time scale, we could even offer a 24/7/4 hour fix SLA.
  • Cost
    It is important to perform a cost analysis when it comes to assessing hardware maintenance for your business, the question to ask Is ‘Do I want to pay X now to maintain our systems, or pay 10X in the future when something fails.’ Hardware maintenance will need an initial investment of time and cost, but the alternative option would be to have systems/machines that unexpectedly break down – and let’s be honest its likely to be at the worst time!
  • Reliability
    Having a hardware maintenance contract allows full access to skilled engineers, this could be 24/7/365 (depending on your chosen SLA), This means that whether you have a failed component, or you just need some technical advice, you can speak to a trained engineer at any time. There is no need to worry about time scales, ordering parts or having the technical resource to fit/replace components. A maintenance contract with Finite-IT takes the stress away from this process.
  • Conserving Assets
    The more you care for your equipment, the longer it is going to last. Having a hardware maintenance contract in place will ensure you are able to prolong the life of your equipment, equating too more hours of use, and lower costs in the long run.

There will of course be a time where equipment inevitably needs to be replaced/upgraded, we have provided below typical life spans of hardware equipment:

Hardware Life-span
Laptop and PCs 3 years
Servers 3-5 years
Hard disk drives 3-5 years
Flash Storage 5-10 years
Magnetic data (tapes) Up to 10 years

To conclude, our expert engineers would advise to maintain your hardware as if you would your car. Ensure to complete periodic checkups & pay attention to basic needs, a hardware maintenance package will assist with this by allowing replacement of required parts or components along with many other advantages.

Much like a car, taking care of your equipment will allow you to extend its lifespan to its full potential, but not to forget there will also be a point where its just time to upgrade that car!

Here at Finite-IT we can assist with all aspects of your hardware’s lifespan, and can even assist with replacing/upgrading your equipment when the time comes.