Need your employees to work from home?

Convert their home computer to a Secure Corporate Endpoint

Finite-IT are helping organisations to rapidly shift to homeworking. We’re offering a low-cost 6-month licence from VXL for software which easily converts desktops and laptops, including home PC’s, into secure corporate endpoints.
The rapid and unexpected shift to homeworking has been a challenge for many organisations. Although many employees can work from home, often it’s by using unmanaged home computers – creating all kinds of security issues. Finite-IT can now offer a simple and secure solution, helping you to get through this unprecedented upheaval with unlimited administration and maximum uptime.

Two homeworking solutions

Depending upon your existing environment, we have two possible solutions. One is for a virtualised Windows environment and the other solution is for a virtualised Linux environment. Both, you can instantly convert a home PC or Laptop into a totally secure corporate endpoint. The user can access corporate data and applications, but that access is securely ringfenced.

Frank Noon, VP Worldwide Sales at VXL Software says “Simplicity is key. Our Fusion Secure Desktop Windows solution runs as an application, whilst our Cloud Desktop On-The-Go Linux solution boots from a USB drive. In either case, the host device is totally untouched – and for the duration of the session, people work as they would normally via a secure, managed connection. When they quit, they are returned to their home PC or Laptop. There’s no data crossover.
Ian Blackman, Managing Director of Finite-IT says “Recognising the need for organisations to adopt what may be a temporary change, VXL Software has created a special 6-month licence for just £15 per device. It’s the full product and includes support. It’s designed to last for the duration of the lockdown, but can be upgraded without price penalty should customers wish.

Finite-IT are leaders in providing mission critical hardware maintenance, end-point security, thin clients and UPS’s to ensure your business hardware stays alive and working 24 x 7 x 365.

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